Making chemistry work

I&EC is a multi-disciplinary Division helping individuals convert science into commercially relevant products and processes

Our Members

  • Industrial chemists of all levels
  • Chemical engineers
  • National Lab researchers & staff members
  • Academics interested in the practical aspects of their research

Our Goals

  • Every committed volunteer has a job and every job has a volunteer
  • Every member feels at least one I&EC effort delivers significant value for them
  • The Division has the appropriate infrastructure to ensure stability and continuity
  • ACS and other Divisions see the I&EC Division as an integral partner and player
I&EC was initially known as the Division of Industrial Chemists and Chemical Engineers and was the first Division in the ACS.

Why Join I&EC?


Industry is the largest employer of chemists and chemical engineers in the world. The I&EC division is focused on the interface between industry, national labs, R&D, and academic research.


I&EC symposia at national meetings have a diverse mix of speakers spanning most areas of industry, national labs, and academic research. I&EC members can organize and request support for symposia at national and regional ACS meetings.


The Division sponsors the following awards and recognitions:

  • ACS Industrial Chemistry National Award
  • ACS Separations Science & Technology National Award
  • I&EC Division Fellow Award for Distinguished Contributions in Applied Chemistry & Engineering
  • I&EC Division Fellow Award for Distinguished Contributions in Applied Chemical Technology
  • I&EC Division Fellow Award for Early Career Members
  • I&EC Division Fellow Award for International Members
  • Grad Student Symposium Awards
  • Undergraduate Research Poster Awards

Membership Benefits

The I&EC Division has a very diverse membership including industrial, national lab, and academic researchers. This accomplished membership can offer extremely useful advice, mentoring, and networking.


Looking for a job in industry, a national lab, or academics? Getting involved in our Division? Our members span the full range of chemistry and chemical engineering careers. We are happy to provide extremely useful advice – just ask one of our officers or committee chairs.


Many of our members are accomplished mentors that are willing to take advice to the next level to help you make the most of your career. Mentoring is often an important component of our I&EC Fellow Awards and we have an outstanding list of I&EC Fellows and other members willing to mentor.


I&EC symposia at national and regional meetings usually have a diverse set of speakers from industry, national labs, and academic institutions. The Division provides opportunities via breaks and member receptions to meet and talk to speakers, officers, and division members. Take advantage of these Division activities to network and make connections.

Graduate Student Symposium

I&EC usually holds a Graduate Student Award Symposium at the Fall ACS National Meeting. This symposium is dedicated to graduate students and their research projects. Students that submit abstracts and are chosen will get their registration paid, partial travel support, a free luncheon, and the chance to be one of three best talk winners who receive a plaque and cash award. Judges are a mix of academic and industrial chemists.

Volunteer Opportunities

I&EC governance is always interested in member involvement. From elected positions (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, ACS Councilors) to appointed Chairs (Programming, Awards, Public Relations, Membership, etc) there are numerous opportunities to get involved with I&EC.