Putting Science to Work

I&EC is a multi-disciplinary Division helping individuals convert science into commercially relevant products and processes.

We are currently accepting nominations for I&EC Fellows awards!

Nominations can be submitted to Dr. Glenn Fugate until December 31, 2021. Please attach this form to your nomination package. See here for more information about the awards.

Announcements and Upcoming Events

4th CME NASA Symposium 8/23-8/24

POLY: Chemistry for Reliable Human Space Exploration. This two-day symposium is organized by CME and NASA with the principal sponsorship of the ACS Division of …
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Our Members

  • Industrial chemists of all levels
  • Chemical engineers
  • National laboratory researchers & staff members
  • Academics interested in the practical aspects of their research
  • Technicians and applied chemical technology professionals
  • Graduate and undergraduate students

Our Goals

  • Every committed volunteer has a job, and every job has a volunteer
  • Every member feels at least one I&EC effort delivers significant value for them
  • The Division has the appropriate infrastructure to ensure stability and continuity
  • ACS and other Divisions see the I&EC Division as an integral partner and player